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Training center

Codelab Group offers digital education and training services at all levels. ITC professionals are extremely in demand on the labor market and represent one of the sectors with the highest percentage of employment. Our training center is structured for the training of all age groups starting from Coding courses for children and adolescents up to the most advanced training on web and mobile development technologies. We collaborate with both public and private training institutions and companies in the ITC sector to propose specific learning paths aimed both at the introduction of programming bases and professional updating.

Our proposal

Our training center offers a wide training offer structured on 3 learning levels:
  • Junior: coding courses for children and adolescents between 6 and 16 years old
  • Start:for adults and teens looking to pursue careers in IT
  • Power:for professionals who want to update or refine their skills
The Start and Power paths are also aimed at introducing new professional figures within the Codelab Group. The following are the main training objectives related to our three training levels:


Feed logical-sequential thinking and computational thinking, develop teamworking and result orientation, to solve a problem and achieve the shared goal.


Introduction to the basic concepts of programming, knowledge of the main development tools and web technologies to lay solid foundations for a new career in the ITC sector.


Deepening and professional updating of technologies, programming languages ​​and software architectures for the design of modern web applications.

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