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Software Development

Codelab is a digital company specialized in the development, design and creation of customized management software, with web-based technologies.

Our mission is to offer companies and individuals a customized software development service. A customized software is a solution designed and created together with the customer, so that it adheres perfectly to the business processes that it intends to manage exactly like a tailored suit. Generally, companies that need customized software are innovative companies that have not found a solution elsewhere that contemplates their processes, as they are innovative.

The needs that the software is called upon to meet nowadays are accessibility to data wherever you are and with any device, smartphone, tablet or PC. For this reason, we strongly believe in the use of WEB technologies, as they are the only ones to offer this type of opportunity in the most efficient, effective and cost-effective way.

Customized management for the optimization of your company

A management software is designed to meet the specific needs of companies of any size and individuals in order to simplify work and optimize production processes. With a management software it is possible:

  • Having a powerful and flexible tool created ad hoc based on the needs of the company
  • Simplify your business thanks to a single management tool, easy and designed to meet specific needs
  • Save time in daily operations
  • Optimize production processes, both by process on customer order and / or in warehouse, and by project with output of products and / or services
  • Reduce costs thanks to personalized resource management
  • Improve key operations to eliminate critical issues thanks to advanced statistics and alert functions

Technical characteristics of the management software

Our management software is based on a web-based architecture. To be able to connect to the application and take advantage of all its functions, it is sufficient to use a browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Sasfari).
Software updates, improvements and corrections are carried out directly on the server and all clients benefit from them in real time, without having to carry out any type of activity on remote PCs or at their premises.
The application can be used from any location that is connected to the internet.
We design and develop web-based management software of any type: dynamic portals, platforms for customized online sales, online booking systems, forms for online orders, warehouse management, invoicing management etc …
Codelab works by developing the program from scratch to create a software that corresponds 100% to the customer’s needs. In this way, we can make the use of web-based programs much easier and faster by providing the customer with a simple interface composed exclusively of the required functions that can be used anywhere in the world and from any desktop or mobile device.
Our mission is therefore to offer the customer a technologically advanced but at the same time very easy to use solution. For almost 10 years we have been offering our services to companies and professionals throughout the country.

Wht choose us

No surprise

Our quotes are clear, no hidden costs or post-contract surprises.

Reliability and guarantee

Our customers only our best guarantee; so far we have always kept the expectations and they are the most direct proof.

The most effective solutions

We are able to develop customized software for any need, but it is not always the best solution for the customer: we evaluate all the possibilities together with you in order to find the best compromise between costs and needs.


Our team is made up of professionals who have been working in IT and software development for over 10 years.


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