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IT outsourcing consists in delegating all or part of the IT design and development activities to an external company, in order to be able to dedicate internal resources to the objectives of the company’s core business. Thanks to IT outsourcing, companies have the opportunity to increase the flexibility of their IT structure and transform some fixed costs into variable costs.

Codelab Group provides the ten-year experience of its development team for outsourcing projects and remote consulting for companies throughout the national and international territory. We are able to work independently and at the same time respect the specifications of the internal IT manager.

Our professionalism and experience at the service of your project

Using IT outsourcing in the company brings numerous advantages:

  • Being able to count on an experienced and flexible team
  • Save on personnel costs
  • Save on training costs
  • Being able to use up-to-date technologies
  • Flexibly choose the desired effort

Numerous companies have already turned to Codelab to obtain constant support and coaching in the development of their IT solutions, these are some of the technologies we use:

  • Development on the .NET Framework and .NET Core platform
  • Web application with ASP .NET MVC / ASP .NET Core and WebAPI
  • Frontend development with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Angular
  • Cross-platform mobile development with Ionic Framework and Angular
  • Embedded software development on Linux platform
  • Custom firmware development on AVR processors
  • Custom web portals on WordPress CMS

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