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The Codelab team has consolidated and differentiated technical skills in order to always be able to choose the best technology for every need. The most important know-how is characterized by the in-depth knowledge of Microsoft .NET architectures, for the creation of web applications, mobile applications, dynamic and static websites, desktop software solutions, CRM and management and Web consulting Marketing. We offer various IT consulting services.

As for the web, we use the latest versions of ASP.NET MVC, a powerful pattern-based framework that allows you to build dynamic websites ensuring a clear separation between presentation layer and business logic, in order to have full control of the markup. The layout of the sites is created using the latest W3C standards (HTML5 and CSS3) while ensuring cross-browser backward compatibility, also making use of important external partners specialized in the design of pages and interfaces.

For the creation of desktop software or complex solutions, we implement domain driven stratified architectures, starting from an accurate analysis of the functional requirements expressed by the customer, and proceeding with the modeling of entities and business logic making extensive use of design patterns.

IT consulting

From an implementation point of view, we exploit all the power of the .NET framework and its libraries: Winforms, WPF, GDI +, WCF, LINQ, ADO.NET, as well as third-party components such as NHibernate and IoC frameworks.

The high technical background allows us to implement particularly complex solutions that require scientific / engineering skills such as image processing applications using the main libraries of the sector (OpenCV) or implementing ad hoc algorithms, interfacing to devices, language interpretation techniques natural, soft computing algorithms for optimization or classification problems.

Therefore, Codelab is able to offer IT consulting services to small and medium-sized companies ensuring operational efficiency and achievement of performance:

  • Website restyling
  • Technical assistance
  • Reengineering of a computer system
  • Outsourcing
  • Software functional analysis
  • IT training
  • Business and system integration

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